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A Guide to becoming an AWS Community Builder

A Guide to becoming an AWS Community Builder

What is AWS Community Builder Program?

The AWS Community Builders Program was started as a way to bring together and recognize AWS Enthusiasts and Geeks. The AWS CB program is a year-long program that offers mentorship to the people who love talking about AWS.

In this article, you will find:

  1. The Responsibilities of an AWS Community Builder.
  2. Benefits and resources provided by the program to help them grow!
  3. Procedure to apply and tips to succeed.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions.
Who are AWS Community Builders?

I call them AWS Influencers!

In my opinion, an AWS Community Builder only needs two things knowledge and devotion to helping others to reach the same level of excellence. If you are enthusiastic about learning and teaching AWS to others this program is a great start for you.

Why you should apply for AWS Community Builder Program

I can give you the following three very good reasons to apply for this program: 

  1. Knowledge; you’ll get amazing and countless opportunities to learn AWS from best of the best.
  2. Recognition; AWS recognizes you as a legitimate Community Builder and it makes you a valid resource people can learn from.
  3. Reach; Instantly your reach will increase as being part of the AWS Community you share the impact created by other AWS Community Builders as well. 
Application Process and Criteria

AWS Community Builder Program recruits Community Builders twice a year. You can apply in January and June. Click on this link to sign up for the waiting list. You’ll automatically get your reminder email once they start accepting applications again.

The criteria for application are simple. You must have contributed to the AWS Community in some way. Either a Blog, a Youtube Channel, Webinars or even LinkedIn Articles. The application requires a link to some public resource created by you for the community.

Responsibilities of an AWS CB

You are only required to grow and help others to grow. Responsibilities remain the same as the criteria for selection.

  1. You will be required to share the public content you create for AWS Community.
  2. And you’ll share how you have increased your knowledge in form of AWS certifications and Online learning for which AWS supports its Community Builders.
Benefits of Joining AWS CB Program

You’ll get the following amazing benefits to help you with your learning:

Access to AWS Community Builder Slack Channel: Where you can connect with other AWS Enthusiasts and AWS product teams who can help you grow.

Cloud Academy Membership: AWS Community Builder Program aims to help you grow and increase your knowledge hence this membership that lasts for a year helps you get trained and increase your expertise in AWS.

$500 AWS Credits: Just watching video tutorials is not enough hence you get AWS Credits so that you can practice what you learn via Cloud Academy tutorials. You can use these credits for hands-on training and content creation.

AWS Certification Vouchers: Obviously when you are training you need to certify your knowledge as well hence you get AWS Exam vouchers to help you support in certifying yourself.

Discounts for AWS Events: AWS offers discounts for you to attend AWS Events such as Re-Invent.

AWS Swag Kit sent to you as a Welcome gift from AWS.

Depending upon your contribution and participation in contests you get extra AWS Credits, Exam Vouchers, Event Discounts and Swag Kits as well. Some AWS Community Builders are also invited to speak at these events which is a great way for you to get introduced to the AWS Community!

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