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The Six Pillars of Well-Architected

The AWS Well-Architected Framework is like a compass that helps organizations navigate the challenges of building and operating systems in the cloud. It is built around six pillars that represent the key areas that organizations need to consider when designing and operating systems in the cloud: Operational Excellence is about making sure that systems are designed and operated in a […]

Traffic Distribution on AWS: ALB vs NLB

In simpler terms: ALB works on Layer 7 (Application Layer) NLB works on Layer 4 (Transport Layer) But in order to understand what exactly is their purpose we need to deep dive into the the networking side of application deployment. AWS Application Load Balancer AWS ALB, or Amazon Web Services Application Load Balancer, is a load balancing service for applications […]

Container Orchestration on AWS: ECS, EKS, Fargate, and ECR

As Tech World is progressing from Monolith architecture to Microservice-based Architecture it is important to the concepts of Container Orchestration. Hence this guide will introduce you to the containerization options provided by Amazon Web Services.  In a Microservices-based Architecture, the whole application is broken down into small units. Each unit sticks to a specific section of the processing required by […]

A Brief Comparison of Messaging Services in AWS

What is messaging service? and where is it used in A Cloud-Native Solution? If you have been confused about these questions as well keep reading this article. Messaging Services are simply ways of communicating information from one unit of the Application or System to the other. In order to decouple the Producer and Consumers of these information packets Messaging Services […]

An Efficient way to Deploy your Code to Amazon EC2

The ways of the monolith deployments require Application teams to deploy their code on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud almost every day. With an increasing focus on automation luckily now we have tools to automate this boring procedure as well. Hence in this article, I will be discussing a less effective old way of deploying code on AWS EC2 instances and […]

A Guide to becoming an AWS Community Builder

What is AWS Community Builder Program? The AWS Community Builders Program was started as a way to bring together and recognize AWS Enthusiasts and Geeks. The AWS CB program is a year-long program that offers mentorship to the people who love talking about AWS. In this article, you will find: The Responsibilities of an AWS Community Builder. Benefits and resources […]

AWS for Beginners: A Quick Zero to Hero Guide

If your starting your journey with AWS then a clear sense of direction and destination is necessary in order for you to succeed in this venture. Amazon Web Services include a far-reaching set of services that translate into million possibilities. And this characteristic makes AWS a fun skill to learn. This guide includes methodologies and strategies I have discovered during […]

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